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Vyleesi is the first and only FDA-approved as-needed treatment for premenopausal women with acquired, generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

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If your sexual desire is lower than it used to be. If that low desire frustrates you. If you want to want sex again…


Hold up.

What is hypoactive sexual desire disorder?

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is a common, treatable medical condition characterized by ongoing low sexual desire that women find frustrating.

Acquired, generalized HSDD means you have not had low sexual desire in the past and you now have low sexual desire, no matter the sexual activity, situation, or sexual partner.

Here’s what you may be experiencing.


Negative body image

It could impact how you see yourself. (You don’t have to accept this anymore.)


Avoiding intimacy

It may make you want to stay away from romantic encounters. (If you’re missing that closeness, you deserve better.)


Low self-esteem

It can even impact your confidence. (This doesn’t have to be the new normal.)

HSDD Symptom Checker

Think you may have it? Check your symptoms, like decreased sexual desire, and then talk to a healthcare professional.

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What women are saying.

Some of the women who participated in the clinical trials volunteered to be interviewed about their experience.1 Here are some of their responses:


...it did give me that increase and that boost...to go from not having any sex drive...to doing that and being close with my husband, I would say it definitely worked for me and—and was much better.


…I hadn’t felt [the desire] in so long. But it was a joy for me for the same reason, I hadn’t felt it in so long.


I was nervous at first because I don’t like needles…But then once I actually took the drug a couple of times I realized that…it’s pretty easy. So, then it was fine. You never see the needle at all.

1. After completing the 24-week double-blind study period, 242 participants completed a voluntary exit survey to provide additional context to the clinical trial data. Consisting of 16 questions, the survey was conducted to understand the perceived effects and meaningfulness of Vyleesi. Additionally, a subset of the survey participants also consented to be interviewed. Interviewers didn’t know which women had taken Vyleesi and which had received the placebo. Of these, 80 provided information that could be analyzed.

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Getting a Vyleesi prescription.


Step 1

Your healthcare professional will send your prescription to a specialty pharmacy, either Avella™ or BioPlus®. These pharmacies handle medications like Vyleesi that have special storage, delivery, or administration requirements. They’ll contact you to process your prescription, verify insurance, and secure copay assistance.


Step 2

Be on the lookout for a phone call and/or text from Avella™ or BioPlus® to get Vyleesi. Additionally, you may be able to schedule your delivery online.


Step 3

Then, Vyleesi will be delivered quickly and discreetly to your door through overnight or two-day shipping. Plus, you’ll get access to 24/7 support from a pharmacist.

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Let's talk about payment.

It’s simple: pay a $0 copay for your first Vyleesi prescription. Then, pay no more than $99 for each refill of 4 Single-dose autoinjectors* thereafter.

This applies to eligible commercially insured patients, or patients paying cash–whether they’re uninsured or their insurance doesn’t cover Vyleesi.

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